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Offering ancient solutions to modern day health problems

As a Naturopathic Consultant, Eric seeks to uncover and heal the root causes of disease in patients who seek his assistance. Eric leads a unique multidisciplinary education center, enlightening and inspiring patients about health, nutrition and universal life energy. He is committed to preventing disease by offering an eclectic fusion of natural solutions.

Eric’s practice combines ancient traditional Chinese herbal remedies, fingernail and tongue analysis, Ayurvedic, Thai and Swedish massage techniques and bodywork, personal training and spiritual and emotional wellness.

After losing several relatives that had undergone invasive treatment to cancer, Eric embarked upon a journey to help heal others with health issues. His path continues toward deeper understanding of mind, body and soul in a total approach to wellness and natural, preventative care.

Eric is dedicated to the reduction of misinformation to the public. While some modern drugs may work quickly to relieve symptoms, most are riddled with side effects, many of which can be deadly. Eric teaches clients to beat cancer and other diseases through the use of nutrition, targeted supplements, therapeutic modalities and much more. If you are looking for safe, holistic ways to manage your health, you have come to the right place.