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Reduce your risk

Below is a checklist for keeping yourself safe when you believe you are being stalked:

  • Notify family and co-workers
  • Vary your routine
  • If children are involved, keep someone to watch over them day/night (family members)
  • Keep your personal life, business & travel plans to only your most close family.
  • Think about getting a p.o. box
  • Make sure all locks are heavy duty
  • Have a safe room
  • Home alarm
  • Escape routes; plan ahead
  • Make sure you’re not being followed while driving or at work
  • Vehicle alarm systems
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Inspect vehicle before entering
  • Know your route, use g.p.s.
  • Park by other people/cars in well-lit areas

Wait and see is not an option

Learn street smarts and situational awareness

Nurse getting off work, walking to her car: Abducted. Would you know what to do? Survival Solutions will teach you! Don’t be a victim. The following will be covered:

  • Stress reaction
  • Striking soft targets
  • Improvised weapons
  • Using your body as a weapon
  • Learn what to do if you’re on the ground
  • Learn how to be assertive
  • Self-defense is not a sport
  • Self-defense is not fair
  • Self-defense is not a game


  • One property crime every 3 seconds
  • One violent crime every 20 seconds
  • One aggravated assault every 35 seconds
  • Forcible rape every 2 minutes
  • 38% of assaults and 60% of rapes occur during home invasions

Every 40 seconds in the U.S. a child goes missing or is abducted

In today’s world of increasing crime, we as parents need to do all we can to educate and empower ourselves and children to be as safe as possible. Survival Solutions 4 Kids offers a no-nonsense survival workshop in a safe and educational environment. We are committed to teaching this program to communities, schools and anyone else who is willing to learn.

This workshop will teach kids what to do and what not to do in case of an attempted kidnapping. It will challenge them and teach them life-saving skills they can use in case of emergencies. Sign up for an upcoming workshop in your area or put together a group of people in your community and we can conduct private and semi-private workshops.


  • There are three distinct types of kidnapping:
  1. kidnapping by a family member
  2. kidnapping by an acquaintance
  3. kidnapping by a stranger
  • 80% of kidnappings by a stranger occur within a quarter mile of the child’s home. Acting quickly is critical.
  • 74% of abducted children are murdered within three hours of being abducted.
  • Most abductors grab the kids from the street or lure them into their vehicles
  • 80% were 12 years or older


  • They are upset with court rulings.
  • They are protecting the child from an abusive parent.
  • They are angry with the breakup of their relationship.

We help to educate, empower, increase confidence, courage and physical/mental strength

  • How to become bully-proof
  • Develop self-protection and peace of mind
  • Learn to be proactive not reactive
  • Learn to identify safe people – who are they?
  • Learn to identify safe places – where can we find them?
  • What do criminials look for when they plan to kidnap a child?
  • Develop a safety plan between mother and child
  • Instill common sense
  • Learn how to effectively navigate an obstacle course
  • Verbal Judo – diffusing conflict with conversation to maintain mental and emotional safety
  • Learn about the Spy Game – recognizing danger zones
  • Reduce the risk of becoming a target
  • Define personal space – avoiding threats that violate your space
  • Developing a secret password – why it is so important
  • Adapt self-protection techniques – learned behaviors and life-saving moves
  • And a whole lot more!